Do I need a Bookkeeper?

There is no simple answer to this question – the fact is that anyone can do their own bookkeeping. This might sound crazy coming from a Bookkeeper but with modern, digital software making this even easier most sole traders with simple income and expenditure can indeed do their own bookkeeping.

The question that most small business owners should be asking is ‘is doing my own books a productive use of my time?’ Every hour/day/weekend you spend on your bookkeeping is time you aren’t productively earning for your business.

It doesn’t stop there – while you are happily processing your income and expenses and possibly even your tax return, are you keeping up to date with compliance changes? Tax thresholds? Are you claiming all the tax-deductible expenses you are entitled to?

I think once you get to the stage where bookkeeping is the bottom of the to do list and never moves up or becomes a stress that keeps your business from progressing, you’re overdue a chat with a bookkeeper about how they can help you.

We understand the huge step outsourcing this integral part of your business can be, we also believe it is an affordable and viable option for many small businesses. 

We offer no obligation consultations to discuss your bookkeeping needs – however big or small, so contact us to arrange a coffee or chat.

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