Got QuickBooks but need help?

We’ve had a few calls and emails over the last few months regarding QuickBooks with a similar theme, people have seen the adverts on TV and heard the radio ad’s saying how easy your accounts can be when you use QuickBooks and they’ve got it, set it up the best they can and then realised they still have to do more than they thought! I definitely feel that the adverts make it seem simpler and more automated than it is! 

We can help in a few different ways – if you want to remain independent without a bookkeeper or accountant helping, you could book some of our bespoke training, either in our training room at our office or at your premises. Being bespoke means it’s nice and easy to make it relevant to how you’re running QuickBooks and how your business runs. Being bespoke doesn’t mean it costs a fortune! 

Another way we can help is by helping you with the setting up of the system, making it easy to get the information you need and easy to put the information in to get that! Or we can take some of that strain away to let you get on with running your business, we love doing bookkeeping and accounts but know most people don’t!

So if you’re struggling with QuickBooks please get in touch and see how we can help!

QuickBooks Advanced Training

Yet another day in London last week, this time accompanied by my husband, to attend training for Advanced Online Certification of QuickBooks. Held at their training centre near Tower Hill, it was a good refresher of some skills that we don’t use day to day, we learnt a few tips and tricks and proved we’re actually quite good at what we do!

As with QuickBooks connect, lovely food and drink and a lovely training centre to spend a day in, while the classroom is quite intense to ensure you get through everything in a day, the centre is very relaxing and regular coffee breaks help keep you awake! The day ends with a timed exam, lasting a maximum of an hour, thankfully with your result at the end so no waiting to see if you passed! We did both pass, so expect to see our new Certified ProAdvisor, Advanced Online badge on our website soon!

QuickBooks Connect

Last week QuickBooks hosted their annual QuickBooks Connect event, held in London at Old Billingsgate Market, an event for Bookkeepers and Accountants. Starting Monday afternoon allowed me a couple of hours in the office before jumping on the train to head to the city. An interesting afternoon speech aimed at accountants all about Making Tax Digital, followed by a brief drinks reception before retiring to my hotel to enjoy an evening of childfree silence! 

The main day featured a mixture of keynote speakers and breakout sessions, with a wide variety of subjects, thankfully I’d studied the agenda before leaving so I’d got my day all planned. One of the highlights was Dr Brian Cox, although not directly linked to bookkeeping and accountancy was a highly motivating speech, giving me lots to think about. Other highlights including the delicious food on offer throughout the day and getting lots of swag from the various exhibitors around!

One of the only disappointments of the day was how an accountant managed to alienate any bookkeepers within the audience of his speech within the first five minutes, seemingly forgetting that a good set of books can make an accountant’s job so much easier and rubbishing the work we do! Think someone may have not thought about their audience somehow! 

A highly valuable day overall, seeing lots of new innovative software solutions coming up from QuickBooks and their partners. Looking forward to next year’s event already!

We’ve got gold!

Not an Olympic gold, but it’s still a gold that we’re proud of! PBS are now Gold Tier QuickBooks Pro Advisors! There were some requirements to get this, one of which was related to the number of clients so we couldn’t have done it without you! And it means we have a got a lovely little symbol we can display on our website and marketing assets! 

Our sights are firmly set on achieving Platinum level and are already planning training to assist us in getting there. So if you’ve any questions about QuickBooks, please get in touch 


So, first let’s go back in time. 3 or 4 years ago I was preparing management accounts for the company I was employed by, a part of my job I really loved. Then they told me they wanted me to bring them into a managers meeting to discuss them with everyone.. Now I was out of my comfort zone! 

It may have been the setting rather than what I was doing but I never felt comfortable in those meetings – major case of imposter syndrome even though I knew my job inside and out. I often came away feeling, well, it’s hard to describe but my confidence hit rock bottom. 

Fast forward to now and I’ve found a new love for networking, increasing my confidence to a new high! 

At a recent networking session, I was asked if I provided training by a lady who handled her own bookkeeping. She wanted to hand over a better set of books to her accountant at year end, partly to reduce the accountants work load (and therefore their fee!) but also to make it more worthwhile (see this blog). I said yes as I knew I could do it but admit to feeling very nervous at the thought of those confidence knocking meetings.

I’m pleased to say that that nervous feeling soon disappeared, I left the clients office feeling fulfilled and like I’d done a great job – the feedback from the client told me they did too! 

This is one of the reasons I’ve decided to offer training to the services offered by PBS. Rather than trying to make people fit some pre-determined course I set up and roll out, I create a bespoke session to meet specific requirements. 

Now, I know this sounds expensive, but it’s really not. Although I would create the course for you specifically (which sounds time consuming) as it’s based on bookkeeping (which I do every day!) and on software it’s very easy for me to put together a plan for training.

I feel having some bullet pointed headings and notes to guide, rather than dictate, where the course goes helps ensure it covers what you’re after but remaining flexible to deal with things as they come up during the day. 

We also encourage learning at your office, using the computer/laptop/tablet you always use. Despite best intentions things will display slightly different on different computers, you might have a slightly out of date or even newer software version, there’s so many things that can be different! 

So to wrap up this blog it’s probably worth saying how I charge for training! I charge for it in half day blocks (check my website for my up to date pricing) 

Experience has taught me half day is usually enough for anyone (we all zone out at some point!) but feel free to contact me with specific requirements and I’ll advise how long you will need, further training can always be booked if you end up wanting/needing more.

So, get in touch and see how we can help you with your training. Training sessions offered in QuickBooks, Xero and Sage

QuickBooks is great but I did miss Sage!

I recently got asked to provide some training for a client who was already using Sage 50 but wanted a little bit of help as they felt things should be easier. 

Having used Sage for most of my bookkeeping life, I was more than happy to do this but with most of my clients running QuickBooks I realised I hadn’t used it for a fair few months (except a couple of clients using Sage One but that’s a very different Sage!). 

The training was great, not only did the client get everything they wanted from it but it also reminded me how much I loved my old friend Sage! Don’t get me wrong, I love QuickBooks and think it’s just what suits most of my clients but there was something nostalgic about using Sage again!